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CityGIS Navigator

CityGIS Navigator is a control room-driven and POS-specific navigation. It is based on three pillars: POS Map, POS Navigation and POS integration. Through our own cartographic department, we offer a flexible POS-specific map. The POS-specific map is updated on a daily basis and can be adjusted at the request of the customer.

Route planning

In daily practice, more and more use is being made of route guidance. The navigation system has also made its appearance in the POS market. The navigation systems are often developed for the consumer market and are therefore not particularly suitable for integration with existing POS systems.

In addition, the route planning leaves a lot to be desired. On the one hand this is because the map material does not yet have the high quality that one is used to in the control room; for example, new streets have not yet been added. On the other hand this is because the route planner does not take into account POS-specific matters, such as bus lanes, hospitals, fire hydrants and so on.

CityGIS decided, based on its knowledge and experience with geographically oriented systems for control rooms and related mobile applications, to develop a route navigation to support the emergency services in their daily work.

Every second counts!

The ultimate challenge for CityGIS is to save the emergency services precious time. A system with its own detailed map specifically for the POS market, which in combination with the control rooms, among other things, has everything to simplify the work of the emergency services.

The Public Order & Safety map has been developed by CityGIS. This ensures that it is continuously kept up-to-date and adjustments can be applied immediately. It is a system that is completely in the hands of CityGIS from the beginning to the end!

Modular structure

The CityGIS Navigator is a navigation system with modular possibilities. For example, it is possible to expand the navigation system with the sign module and the “Automatic Statuses” module.

Additional products
In addition, CityGIS offers a number of additional products such as the Client Management Tool (CMT) and the Import Studio. For example, it is possible to remotely provide the CityGIS Navigator with new map data using the CityGIS CMT-WK Tool.

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