For many years CityGIS has had links available for the most diverse positioning systems. In general, these systems are based on GPS (Global Positioning System). It is important that the GPS positions from these systems are also sent to the Geographic Information System (GIS) of CityGIS in the control room. CityGIS has developed links for the most common communication systems such as GPRS, Mobitex, but also via Tetra and C2000. The latter two are the digital communication systems initiated by and for the emergency assistance of the authorities in Belgium and the Netherlands.

These systems of GPS combined with data communication are referred to as AVLS, or Automatic Vehicle Location Systems. Recently added to this was the APLS, or Automatic Persons Location Systems, which in the Netherlands send the positions of mobile radios across the C2000 network to the GIS in the control room or the GIS of a mobile unit.

Other links
CityGIS products are modular in structure. Due to the modular structure, various links are frequently used to realize the functionalities. An important link for the CityGIS navigation system is the JCRS-MDT Link.

CityGIS supports the JCRS-MDT link for the ambulance, fire department and police. In the event of an incident, a lot of extra information will become available in the vehicle, such as (depending on the discipline):

  • Notepad with information from the control room operator.
  • Notification classification.
  • Type of location, municipality and post code.
  •  Status.
  • Accessibility map.

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