CityGIS, the best geographical coordination & information solutions for emergencies, when every second counts

CityGIS develops, implements and maintains a wide range of IT solutions for Public Order and Safety (POS). Fire brigade, ambulance, police and other security services make frequent use of systems developed by CityGIS. During emergency response, large-scale operations, interregional and international cooperation, our systems are essential in displaying and sharing the right information at the right time.

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  • Control room

    Our control room products are designed to make the emergency process from caller to arrival on location as efficient as possible. All our developments are made with the same goal: gaining as much time as possible.

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  • Mobile

    Our mobile solutions provide as much support as possible on the route to the incident and on location. In addition, efficient communication with colleagues on the street and in the control room plays an important role.

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  • Infrastructure

    In addition to applications for end users, we have extensive and up-to-date knowledge in the design of control rooms and the national communication platforms. We offer extensive support in this area in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

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  • Cartography

    CityGIS has its own Cartographic department that provides the POS-specific basic map with the latest changes every day. All possible sources of information are used for this. With the CityGIS software you are always assured of the most up-to-date image.

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