About us

We are CityGIS; from our office in The Hague we serve the Public Order and Safety market in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our mission is to deliver the best geographic coordination & information solutions to the market where every second counts.

CityGIS develops, implements and maintains a wide range of IT solutions for the Public Order and Safety (POS) market. Fire brigade, ambulance, police and other security services make frequent use of systems developed by CityGIS. During emergency response, large-scale operations, interregional and international cooperation, our systems are essential in displaying and sharing the right information at the right time.

CityGIS is aware of its social responsibility and thus we ensure that every day everything is done to guarantee our customers have a complementary solution that is always available. This is reflected in everything we do, from innovation to maintenance. An open and honest way of doing business is a core value of our company for the same reason.

“Mission critical”, “Multidisciplinary”, “Net centric” or, if desired, a “Shared operational image” have been a daily necessity for CityGIS for years. In short, we guarantee excellent results, more safety, high productivity, maximum information availability and low operating and/or operational costs.

Those who choose CityGIS are supported by the personal and expert advice of our departments: Cartography, Service Desk, R&D and Pre- and aftersales. Advice is available by telephone, e-mail, remote login or, if desired, on-site. In addition, CityGIS has a project department with extensive experience in developing customer- and application-specific software. Choosing CityGIS means knowingly contributing to greater safety for both the public and your staff.


CityGIS makes use of its 20 years of knowledge and experience and continuously develops it, in order to be able to realize the ambitions of its customers in the future. To this end, CityGIS is passionate and has a solid financial basis for realizing these ambitions. CityGIS currently consists of approx. 40 specialized employees.
CityGIS has been active with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) since 1993. The first emergency control room with CityGIS software became operational in Apeldoorn in 1998, it immediately became a JCR (Joint Control Room of the police, fire department and ambulance). Approximately 85% of the Benelux control rooms for emergency aid are now equipped with a CityGIS system and more than 5000 MDTs (Mobile Data Terminals) are operational. Every day about 7.5 million messages and live positions are processed by CityGIS systems.