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A dynamic GIS system for optimal service

The role of the control room operator is becoming increasingly important. The work has become more challenging not only due to a reduction of the number of control rooms and thus the enlargement of the regions, but also due to the expansion of the quantity and diversity of information to be distributed. An easy and clear way of requesting and sharing information ensures that even the most critical situation can be handled.

CityGIS for the Control Room, already in use for years

Since 2000, CityGIS has been supplying services for the Dutch control rooms. The first system was delivered to the control room in Apeldoorn. Since then, CityGIS has become an integral part of the Dutch POS sector. With a strong standard software package with room for flexibility, each region can organize the system according to its own wishes, while the CityGIS services still remain manageable. CityGIS is now active in 80% of the Dutch emergency control rooms.

The next generation of GIS systems

With the introduction of CityGIS 7 and 8, a follow-up has been provided for the long-used CityGIS 6 system which has been providing loyal service for more than 15 years in various control rooms.

CityGIS 7 and 8 are the start of a new generation of web-based control room GIS applications. The modular structure and open interfaces make the system an ideal platform for capturing and controlling a large diversity of information and functionalities in one shared operational image.

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