Calltaking & Dispatch

The control room operator is the essential link in the POS chain. From an incoming call, to the completion, all critical communication comes through here. The amount and diversity of information makes it challenging for the operator to handle everything correctly and quickly. CityGIS strives to provide the best possible tools in this process to improve the service.

From call to follow-up

Complementary to our Geographic Information Systems, we supply a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. After almost 15 years of loyal service in various control rooms in the Benelux, the current generation of the CityGIS Meldkamer Systeem (CMS) will be phased out from 2018 and replaced by its successor: CityGIS Call-taking & Dispatch.

CityGIS Control Room System

In order to properly supervise and register this process, a robust system is needed that not only can be linked to many areas, but is also easy and effective to use. The CityGIS Control Room System enables the operator to instantly set the right alarm status for every situation by means of automatic deployment proposals. The vehicle management and analysis screens offer every organization the possibility to organize its services as desired.


The new generation CAD Software from CityGIS is CityGIS Call-taking & Dispatch. This web-based application can be flexibly called up within the control room domain. For example, one is no longer bound to a fixed workplace for collecting incident information or for managing the associated vehicles.

In addition, C&D offers many other options, such as combining map layers for specific situations.

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