National Server

Visualisation & Communication

CityGIS manages various national servers that can communicate with ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles. CityGIS links with the control room available so that incidents, locations of colleagues and traffic blockades are immediately visible in the CityGIS Navigator. This concept enables mobile data communication via GPRS, UMTS and Mobitex.

In addition, the National Server Incidents and Vehicles (NS-IV) is linked to each Geographic Information System (GIS) and each Joint Control Room System (JCRS) in all regions. This makes it possible, among other things, to make vehicles visible from a supra-regional perspective in the control room, making it easy to use vehicles from other regions. This server has processed about 12 billion messages in the past five years.

Web Service Incidents
The Web Service Incidents has been realized by CityGIS due to the fact that different suppliers of other digital ride forms link with the national Web Service Server. The Web Service Incidents sends all JCRS data directly to the digital ride form when a ride is assigned.

If a ride has been sent by JCRS to the National Server, the XY-Server ensures that the position of the destination is optimized. The address (with house number) is looked up in a file in which all home addresses in the Netherlands are stored. After the improvement of the location, the ride is automatically sent to the ambulance.

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