A central role as an information node and ‘tool’ of the ambulance medical staff.

Electronic Ride Form (ERF)

With the CityGIS Electronic Ride Form (ERF), the ambulance medical technician has an application that communicates directly with the Emergency Ambulance Care, hospitals and invoicing systems.


The correct recording and exchange of the trip and patient data is of great importance for the quality of the care and the administrative processing. In the past, the ambulance medical technician used the paper ride form.

The paper ride form was completed by the ambulance medical technician during or after the trip. The ride and patient data on the ride form were then retyped and processed in the system. The human handling and retyping caused many errors in the ride forms and administrative handling. As a supplier for Public Order and Safety, CityGIS felt responsible and decided to develop the Electronic Ride Form.


In cooperation with the ambulance medical technician and the ambulance care medical manager, CityGIS developed the Electronic Ride Form, or ERF for short. The ERF is consistent with the National Ambulance Care Protocol. With the use of the Electronic Ride Form, greater efficiency can be achieved and there are fewer errors in transfer and administrative handling.

Modular structure

With the use of the Electronic Ride Form, greater efficiency can be achieved and there is a reduced chance of error in the transfer and administrative handling. Thanks to the clear user interface, ride and patient data can be registered and exchanged quickly, with or without a keyboard. In addition, the ERF has the possibility to send a digital pre-announcement to the hospital, to carry out a dynamic check with insurance data and to link it to various defibrillators.

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