A positioning system and navigation system integrated in one device.

Positioning system (PS)

Automatic Vehicle Location

In the past it regularly occurred that the POS vehicles had an unreliable GPS position during their service. The problem was caused by the fact that different devices in the vehicle had a high power consumption, including the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL).

In the vehicles the navigation system of CityGIS where the unreliable GPS position was shown was present. As a result, CityGIS was regularly contacted because of the “problem” with the GPS position. However, the core of the problem was not the CityGIS system but the AVL (modem and GPS). The solution was a reset button in the vehicle that restarted the entire system. This got CityGIS thinking and the idea of the CityGIS PBS Navigator was born.


In collaboration with the partner company Intemo, CityGIS has developed a navigation system combined with a locating system. With existing automotive units, software is usually the stepchild. However, this unit is a combination of a hardware and a software company, so that high quality and specialism can be offered in both areas. More than 7 years of combined experience with mobile POS systems, national infrastructure & messaging servers in the Benelux make this a proven combination.

Modular structure

The CityGIS Navigator is a navigation system with modular possibilities. For example, it is possible to use the navigation system in combination with the SDR (Short Distance Radio) module and, for example, the module that allows you to see colleagues on the map. The software architecture is designed in such a way that new functionality can be added to the system as an application. The hardware is already prepared for this; it is easy to connect a touch-screen monitor. This makes an additional Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) unnecessary.

PS Management application
In addition, the unit can be managed completely web-based. The management takes place in a tool with which each unit can be monitored, configured and updated remotely. In addition to configuration and monitoring, a map with the CityGIS roadmap is available in this same tool. The live positions of the units are visible on the map.

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