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Digital Accessibility Map (DAM)


CityGIS works to develop standards to improve interchangeability, flexibility and market functioning for its customers. CityGIS is a strong proponent of the use of (inter)national standards and works together with partners to develop standards. As a result, CityGIS actively participated in the NVBR’s DAM project.

Proof of Concept

CityGIS actively participated in the DAM project of the Netherlands Fire Department. A Proof of Concept was carried out, in which the accessibility map is shared between the regions of Gelderland Zuid and Limburg Noord. This trial has shown that by using the DAM standard protocol, data can be exchanged that can be used directly in CityGIS software. Via an RGI Project, CityGIS, in collaboration with the regions Kennemerland and Gelderland Zuid, has developed a special fire service version of the CityGIS navigator. The philosophy of this version has been at the forefront of the development of the Digital Accessibility Map.

Integral solution

CityGIS offers an integral solution, in which all components of the DAM play a part. The DAM project distinguishes the following components: Create & Management, DAM NAV and DAM server. The CityGIS Navigator is equipped with full DAM support. This means that the system uses the IMDAM data model, so that the mobile systems connect seamlessly to the DAM.

Create & Manage
The module “DAM Create & Manage” works on the basis of the CityGIS platform Barracuda. It is very easy to place and maintain new DAM objects. Furthermore, a separate conversion process is offered with which the old CAD drawings are converted to the new DAM GIS structure. The module fully complies with the guidelines and standards used by the Netherlands Fire Service.

DAM Server
The server is the heart of the DAM. Here the various links are made and the IMDAM standard is exchanged. Furthermore, the server also serves as a data warehouse for the various data. The CityGIS DAM server is built with modular Web Services. The server has support for WMS, WFS and SQL, among others. Furthermore, the server also directly serves the “Create and manage” application, which means that installation at the management locations is not necessary.

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